Future Intel x ADE X Garage Noord X Doka Studio

DATE: 30.11.2020

Where to begin to describe how different Amsterdam Dance Event was this year. It might not have been the one we were all longing for, but music-wise the levels were highly satisfactory. Future Intel was able to give artists and clubs a stage during this otherwise quiet ADE week. Together with Doka and Garage Noord they curated the niftiest line-ups that made October 2020 memorable. Not unimportant: hosting ADE-events in our cosy The Hague makes it even more special. You’re about to read a short rundown of what went down at the Future Intel headquarters during this very busy week. But before we dive into the music, we must express our appreciation for the exquisite Future Intel team that pulled off this three day bender. The small team, including the indispensable volunteers, worked their cute asses off and managed to pull off this good looking, seemingly endless stream.


F.I x Doka Studio; Loma Doom, The Social Lover, Porto Verde, Moody Mehran, AfrobotI

Intimitate sound bar Doka joined us on the first day. This breeding ground for artistic brains and bodies helped loads of artists evolve into true mindbenders. For this evening we invited Loma Doom who produced some deep punchie, yet flowy, magic. Followed by The Social Lover who quickly picked up the pace with a trippin glitchy mood. Porto Verde gave us dark lingering beats and the best head bobbeling stompers. From trance to Depeche Mode, Moody Mehran played all we ever wanted and needed, words can only do harm. In case you weren’t paying attention anymore, Afrobot made sure you did again. Heavy bass and melodic punches put an end to the first night.


Friday F.I; Vox supreme ,Zohar, Oceanic, Jeans, Dazion, David Vunk

This weekend wouldn’t be complete without a Future Intel solo curated line-up. Packing the night with high bpm’s and raw confusion. First up: Vox Supreme with some fast atmospheric brain alterations. Followed by Zohar who took it from slow burning distorted tracks to bouncing arabic breakbeats. Master of suspense building Oceanic led us to exploding melodic sounds. While Jeans mixed energizing rhythms with jungle vibes. Next up, profoundly deep tunes creeped up on us and resulted in spine tingling breaky rollers with Dazion on the decks. Closing with someone who becomes one with the music and is a true pleasure to watch at work: punchie electro/disco by David Vunk. (He broke the viewing records by the way, thank you Dumpert)


Saturday FI x Garage noord; Lena Willikens, mad miran, Identified Patient, Merel, Derozan, BK Owusu, Mickenik

You never knew you had a favorite garage until Garage Noord showed up. A cosy place built on good music and good food. For tonight we invited Lena Willikens She smoothly built up to beautiful trippy rhythms that feel as if they are connected to nature. Expert in modifying atmospheres, Merel took us on one of her trips before Derozan then infused some hints of hiphop, arabic/trap-like sounds that can’t be explained but definitely upped the game. Next up was BK Owusu bringing in some addictive slow moving heavy machinery. The iconic acidic punchie electro by Mad Miran is ever pleasing and prepared us well for the pulsating smooth waves by Identified Patient. With his slowly accelerating melodic story Mickenik closed down this bomb of a weekend!

Can’t wait for next year!