o, o, radio - Take-over

Mooie stad achter de duinen 

DATE: 05.08.2021
WRITTEN BY: Cara Manuela Mayer Yepez

How to describe o, o, radio? Anyone who has lived in the Hague for a long enough time will immediately connect their name to the famous song by Harrie Jekkers, the unofficial anthem of the Hague –– o, o, den Haag…

In some ways, this name is an inside-joke. A nod to those in the know. Or rather, a better way to describe it: this name holds the warmth and familiarity of an inside-joke, except that this is one that doesn’t exclude; is open to all.

This warmth and familiarity is no accident. o, o, radio is a friendbook of the city. Started by three friends –– Wouter Andeweg, Alex Heuvink, and Niels van der Lans –– it aims to highlight the diversity and unique idiosyncrasy that can be found across the city. Each episode is a new page in the friendbook. A guest is invited to play their favorite records. Just as in a friendbook, the guest is the one in focus: rather than fitting their sound to the radio station, the guest has complete freedom to display their authentic and diverse sense of music. This makes o, o, radio unique. Rather than a specific sound or genre, it is the diversity, change, and complete freedom that is the common tie between episodes.

Wild combinations

The Hague is a strange city. Part surfside town, part embassy-capital, its history is scattered with legendary squat-parties as much as it is with monarchy, government, and a deep-rooted history in colonialism. It is strange that the city has laid claim as much to the seat of the King as it did to de Blauwe Aanslag.

This bizarre combination of influences was the cradle of the equally freaky, grimy, passionate, West Coast sound in the mid- to late-1990’s. It is a sound that has become legendary across the world; recognizable, and discussed in equally-hushed tones as Chicago House or Detroit Techno are. Surely, Bunker Records must hold a similar sort of fame as Underground Resistance.

o, o, radio at Future Intel

On Friday the 6th, o, o, radio officially invades our glass office-tower. The line-up, created collaboratively, includes Zandvoort & Uilenbal (Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt and Jimi Hellinga’s experimental ambient, spoken-word project), Willem Feltzer (Plaza’s glitch-loving owner), Filosofische Stile, Dim Garden & RJM VANDERHEYDEN, Jelly, and Randstad. We believe that each of these acts combines both the spirit of o, o, Radio with the spirit of Future Intel. Their music and music-selection is unique, complex, and completely idiosyncratic. Moreover, the line-up features two pairs of good friends: Danny and Jimi playing together, as well as Sarah from Dim Garden and Robin from RJM VENDERHEYDEN playing back-to-back. We believe this combines the attitude for sound of Future Intel with the warmth and intimacy of o, o, radio.

We are incredibly excited to welcome these artists, as well as o, o, radio, and are looking forward to a memorable night.