Sign our petition if you believe Future Intel should keep their spot/current home.

Last week, we got an eviction notice from the new anti-squatting management, saying we have to be out of our studio’s and our beloved 9th floor by the 1st of March. Since the building has been bought by the government, we were told that the condition to stay was that we had to be culturally relevant. We submitted an extensive application, explaining that we strive to be a cultural hub for visual and musical artists alike. However, the corporation in question responded with a singular sentence in their mail, replying that we did not fit the description. While we would understand if there would be a substantiated rejection, we feel like we have not been taken seriously. Therefore, we sent another mail, kindly asking if they could reconsider their decision because we felt like we fitted the aforementioned description, and we got bluntly rejected again. 

We do not intend to give up our space like this, after 2 years of hard work, just to be told off in a single cold sentence. 

With the help of 4 political parties we're trying to establish a halt to our eviction based on the fact that we are a cultural hub for talent. Because of this our radio station's home should be preserved since there are no plans yet for the building. We would love to have the blessings of our new owner the government and continue creating meaningful content and collaboration between artists, inspire the viewer and have a place for artists to experiment. Meanwhile we were advised to reach out to friends and the community and illustrate the value of our organisation, meaning; start a petition, go public and start a campaign.

We hope that at the end of this ride we will be recognized as a cultural hub for talent. Due to the fact that the government proclaims to stimulate what we are doing, we hope they will come to terms with us and sit around the table. With the end goal to see how we can preserve the home of our radio station/streaming platform for as long this is possible.

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Much love for your attention and help! 

Future Intel